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What to bring

What should I wear to class?

Students may wear comfortable clothing that does not restrain movement.


For female students, we recommend a T-shirt or leotard with tights or stretchy pants and/or a flamenco skirt plus flamenco shoes. 


For male students, we recommend workout pants, t-shirt, and flamenco boots.

Flamenco skirts are available at the academy. Contact your instructor for more information or request a catalog at


Important: all hair should be secured away from the face. For girls, a ponytail is highly recommended. Preferably no Jewelry is to be      worn in class for the safety of all our dancers

 What about shoes?

Good flamenco shoes are an important tool for your development as a dancer.  We recommend getting a good brand of flamenco shoes, for more durability and comfort for your feet. We offer a catalog with a wide variety of shoes from semi-professionals to professionals made in Spain. To request a catalog with prices please contact


For first-time flamenco students, sneakers or dance character shoes are the best options for the first class or two. After that, flamenco shoes are highly recommended. 



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